Hygiene Performance Consulting

Did you know that in just about an hour, you can learn how managing your hygiene performance can increase your hygiene profit margin over 50%, and provide your hygienists opportunities for personal and professional growth?

More importantly, hygiene systems, executed properly, deliver a distinct competitive edge for your practice! Hygiene is a critical part of every practice and is vital to your patients’ oral health and the financial health and success of your business. Most successful dental practices understand how to maximize their hygiene systems to deliver consistent revenue; a key part of the practice’s financial success. And by the way, successful hygiene systems can deliver up to one-third of the revenue in a general practice. Moreover, dental hygienists can produce more than three times their wages and can aide in patient retention of up to 75%!


Our Hygiene performance consultants are ready to take your hygiene systems to the next level.


Our Hygiene Performance Consultants will: 

  • Co-create comprehensive periodontal and additional patient care guidelines with clinical leaders
  • Develop and implement comprehensive patient care protocols 
  • Implement and support guidelines for patient retention 
  • Assist in developing meaningful and measurable metrics for patient care
  • Establish hygiene documentation expectations and perform audits
  • Align hygienists and doctors for comprehensive patient care
  • Establish patient retention processes and effective scheduling
  • Evaluate patients’ clinical conditions in the hygiene recare patient appointment and create a sense of urgency for treatment
  • Assist in creating and rolling out a win-win compensation structure that motivates hygienists and is profitable for the practice”
  • Assist in recognizing and mentoring a hygiene lead for continued organizational support and future growth
  • Provide hygienists with onboarding, on-site training, and accountability audits 
  • Develop hygiene KPI reports and interpret those reports for proper management

Our Monthly Onsite Office Visits will provide-on-one coaching with hygienists to:

  • Review patient assessments and needs
  • Improve patient education and case acceptance
  • Provide continuity of care
  • Perform documentation audits
  • Review Hygiene KPI report for evaluation of patient care


Talk to us today about how our Hygiene Performance Consultants can get your practice en route to success! To learn more, please call us at 413-259-4600 for a complimentary, no-obligation discussion.



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