At Maeva, we know that diagnosis of the business problem is key to help you efficiently and effectively grow your practice. We always begin with a discovery meeting to allow our team of experts to immerse themselves in your practice and work. Depending upon the engagement, we may assess leadership, practice structure and business life-cycle, review business objectives, gather financial data, and other personalized diagnostic analysis to determine the most efficient course of action to improve your practice as soon as possible.


Our dental practice management professionals work with you to create a customized course of action and use the findings from our assessment to generate a day-to-day strategic and operational plan for a foundation of enhanced practice growth and prosperity. We finalize the comprehensive plan with the management team and create a timeline to achieve your practice’s business goals. Strategically setting practical, yet competitive milestones personalized off of your practice’s assessment results and our values of leadership, business model, team and metrics is Maeva’s promise of exceptional business development service.

Customized Assessment:

We conduct a highly personalized practice assessment based on your specific development diagnosis that is encompassing of all operational categories.

Day-to-day Strategic Plan:

Our comprehensive strategic plans are broken down into practical, concrete steps for easy implementation that address all of your practice business and management service needs.


Defining and implementing metrics are crucial to meeting your practice’s business, financial and clinical objectives. Building a comprehensive metrics system with elements such as meetings and training can take your practice company culture from disoriented to exceptional. Also, dependent on your needs, our team will assist in creating departments, defining hiring needs, and other organizational structure solutions tied into the strategic operational plan.

Organizational Structure:

We strategically reconfigure your practice’s current organizational design for clear practice leadership, roles and responsibilities.

Human Capital:

Our team strategically defines success metrics for your employees and teams’ training and talent potential opportunities, with your daily operational plan in mind.

Define & Manage Metrics:

Implementing practice management software and systems to track key data is crucial to effectively measure progress and recognize potential areas for improvement. We make implementation easy.

Define Company Culture:

We work with you to strategically refine core practice values, vision, and leadership to constructively apply these in creating a cohesive business brand image.


We focus on creating a platform for the growth of your dental practice through strategic organizational planning and management. We lead business advancement and expansion by analyzing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics to deliver actionable results that help your practice achieve new heights. We’re with you every step of the way; in combination with holding weekly, quarterly and annual strategy meetings and accentuating leadership development and training programs, your practice receives the personalized tools and tactics necessary for enhanced organizational evolution and leadership and vision development.

Annual Strategic Plan:

We work closely with your practice management team to review your personalized business model performances and together develop strategically updated milestones and comprehensive solutions for the next year.

Guide Plan to Fruition:

Our team creates highly customized plans that are unique for your practice’s organizational and business advancement needs, based on industry-tested techniques and strategies to allow for growth and prosperity.

Drive KPIs:

Analyzing and acting on KPI metrics is crucial for practice management and growth. And we make it simple for you to pursue growth and see real results.

Manage Leadership Team:

We hold weekly, quarterly, and annual strategy meetings with practice leadership to ensure that you are consistently reaching and exceeding their practice business objectives.

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