Staffing Your Practice
For Success

Save 10% On Your First Placement

Reducing your turnover, and solidifying your team over the long term improves your profitability and elevates your brand. Your people can be a clear differentiator in the minds of your patients. We help your practice create a culture of accountability by putting the right people in the right positions and establishing a clear path to performance and success for your team.

We analyze your practice’s HR situation and develop specific, measurable interventions to help improve your team’s performance in ways that dashboards and data can’t. This can only be done by experienced HR professionals who understand the nuances and dynamics of engaging a dental team toward the success of the mission, vision, and purpose of the practice.

Employee turnover has an impact on many areas of your business including:

Manager Priorities:

Practice Managers have lots of high priorities. Recruiting can be one of the most labor intensive activities and can yield few results if you’re trying to do this “off the corner of your desk.” Our experienced recruiters will take an open position from start to finish giving you back hours of time that should be spent on operational initiatives. From writing effective job ads, to taking the heavy work out of interviewing and screening candidates, and negotiating the final offer – our experts save you time and effort. And most searches are completed within 30-45 days.

Cost of Vacancy:

The cost of vacancy can be high, so it’s crucial to engage with hiring managers to drive better and more informed decision-making. By turning available data into actionable insights, we can help your hiring managers uncover which positions in the organization actually have a high cost of vacancy and therefore should be prioritized for filling.

Loss of Production:

Loss of production is a disruption in normal operations that leads to inefficiency in your practice. This can increase costs which may be difficult to recoup unless the situation can be rapidly resolved. Loss of production will almost always impact your bottom line.

Patient Experience & Retention:

Retention of your patients is often largely associated with the interactions they have with your practice. Patient experience addresses questions such as how well your staff treats or cares for patients, how convenient it is for people to access care from your practice, and whether your practice is responsive and sustainable

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